Stade Gerland

Stade Gerland stadium, situated in Lyon, France and built in 1926, has hosted many memorable matches over the years. Learn more about its fascinating history and significance by exploring this website.


Stade Gerland is a historic stadium situated in Lyon, France that was constructed in 1926 and has undergone multiple renovations over its 91 year lifespan. Olympique Lyonnais have called this stadium their home since 1950; with 41,145 seats it boasts an exciting atmosphere perfect for concerts or football matches. This article will examine both the stadium’s fascinating history as well as some unforgettable events that took place there over these past decades.

Stories of Stade Gerland

Stade Gerland stadium opened its doors to the public in 1926 and quickly became a hub for football games as well as other sporting activities and athletics. Olympique Lyonnais has called this venue home since 1950 and throughout its illustrious history there have been many memorable moments witnessed here.

In 1929, France and Yugoslavia played a friendly game at Stade Gerland to mark the beginning of major events at the stadium. Four years later, Norway and Hungary met for World Cup qualifier with an incredible 4-4 draw. Stade Gerland served as an operational base for German soldiers during Second World War II while also hosting soccer matches, basketball matches, rugby union matches, and other sporting activities.

In 1978, Stade Gerland underwent its first major renovation: it doubled its seating capacity from 30,000 seats to 4000. With such a capacity for hosting big events like European Cup matches such as 1984’s European Cup final between AS Roma and Liverpool FC (winning on penalties after 1-1 draw), the stadium proved capable of hosting major international sporting events like European Cup matches.

Stade Gerland has seen its capacity expand by 43,000 since 1989 when it was rebuilt with floodlights. New stands were added in 2001, making the stadium even more desirable. In 2003, Stade Gerland hosted the European Cup Final between AC Milan Milan and Juventus; Milan ultimately emerged victorious on penalties.

Stade Gerland, France’s iconic stadium, has hosted some of the greatest football matches in Europe.

Stadion features and amenities

Stade Gerland has become an excellent venue for sports and concert events. Capable of accommodating up to 40.000 spectators, Stade Gerland provides plenty of room for events both big and small.

Stade Gerland boasts state-of-the-art lighting technology for improved visibility at night. Additionally, there are multiple seating options including VIP and loges sections. Two huge video screens are located on either south or north stands and display replays of games as well as other important information.

Fans who want to enjoy drinks while watching a match will find plenty of bars and food outlets throughout Stade Gerland as well as vending machines outside. Many souvenirs can also be found in one of its many shops.

Stade Gerland boasts ADA-compliant seating as well as ramps for wheelchair access, making it accessible to everyone. It’s no wonder why Stade Gerland remains one of France’s most beloved stadiums.

Stade Gerland: Notable Events

Over its history, Stade Gerland has hosted many unforgettable moments; here are some of the most significant ones:

Stade Gerland witnessed one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history when unpopular Cameroon upset champion Italy during the Summer Games 1984. This victory sent shockwaves through Africa and marked the beginning of international soccer.

At Stade Gerland during 1998’s World Cup, four matches were played – one semifinal between Brazil and The Netherlands that Brazil ultimately won 4-2. Fans from around the globe flocked to Lyon to witness this exciting encounter for a chance at playing in the final match; energy levels were high!

Stade Gerland played host to one of football’s greatest ever finals in 2003: Juventus against Milan. It is widely considered one of the greatest Champions League Finals ever played, with Milan ultimately triumphing 3-2 on penalties after an exciting 2-2 tie during extra time.

Recently, Olympique Lyonnais and top clubs such as Real Madrid or Barcelona have been playing European match matches at Stade Gerland. These matches have grown increasingly popular over the years due to their electric atmosphere and excellent soccer played.

Stade Gerland has seen many iconic moments throughout its nearly 94 years of existence, making it one of Europe’s most renowned arenas.

Stade Gerland: What lies ahead for it?

Due to various reasons, usage of the Stade Gerland stadium has decreased in recent years. However, plans are underway to restore it back to its historic significance for Lyon’s culture and history. The city government has invested funds into redeveloping areas surrounding the stadium and creating public areas around it; discussions also include potential repurposing of the venue for performances or other special occasions.

Stade Gerland will always be remembered for its rich sporting and cultural legacy, regardless of what comes next. The Stade Gerland legacy will be passed on to future generations as a reminder that certain things will never change no matter what occurs in the present.

Experience Stade Gerland: Fans Connect

Stade Gerland is one of France’s most beloved soccer stadiums, situated in Lyon. It has hosted many iconic matches throughout its long history and continues to bring back memories and excitement for football fans everywhere. Stade Gerland truly stands as a beacon for excellence – an iconic location that brings back so many wonderful memories and anticipation alike.

Stade Gerland has an electric atmosphere. There are thousands of devoted fans who come out to cheer their teams on match days. The walls are filled with cheers and songs that fill the stadium – it can get quite noisy! It’s truly an amazing event that leaves lasting impressions on all those lucky enough to witness it live.

Stade Gerland provides its fans with many amenities and an inviting atmosphere. Fans can enjoy meals or drinks in one of the numerous bars and restaurants near the stadium, while souvenir shops sell scarves, shirts, and other items related to Stade Gerland or its teams.

Stade Gerland provides an unforgettable experience for both spectators and gamers alike. This iconic stadium boasts everything you could desire – from its exciting atmosphere to its outstanding facilities.

Stade Gerland offers accessibility solutions for everyone.

Stade Gerland stadium serves a variety of uses such as football, track and field and concerts. To make visiting this venue easier for tourists, numerous improvements have been made over time to make it more user friendly.

Stade Gerland is easily accessible due to its close proximity to public transportation options. From Part-Dieu station, buses or trams can take you there within minutes; alternatively, if you drive there are plenty of parking spots nearby.

Stade Gerland offers accessible entrances via ramps and has seating designed specifically for people with disabilities, making wheelchair access possible inside the stadium. This makes attending events at Stade Gerland events possible even for disabled individuals.

Stade Gerland offers many amenities, such as food stands and bathrooms that can be reached from any point within the stadium. Fans also have easy access to numerous restaurants and bars nearby which make it convenient to grab a bite before or after an event at Stade Gerland.

Stade Gerland offers excellent accessibility due to its proximity to parking lots, public transportation connections and wheelchair-accessible facilities. This makes the venue an ideal choice for events.

Stade Gerland Security Measures

Stade Gerland is dedicated to security, and has taken numerous steps to guarantee everyone has a pleasant and secure experience. Bags larger than handbag size are not allowed inside the stadium; backpack-sized bags are strictly forbidden. Furthermore, strict rules apply regarding smoking, weapons and drinking alcohol – before entering the venue visitors must pass through metal detectors. Furthermore, security personnel will be present throughout the event to maintain order on-site.

Stade Gerland strives to create an inviting and secure atmosphere for guests. Their staff works hard to guarantee everyone has a great time while staying secure at all times.

At the Stadium, you can enjoy a range of food and beverage options.

Stade Gerland Stadium offers an extensive selection of food and drinks. Visitors can enjoy both local and international dishes from numerous kiosks inside the stadium. There’s also plenty to snack on such as chips or popcorn while there are various drinks to choose from, from soft drinks to beer.

On-site restaurants and bars provide a choice of cuisines from Chinese, Italian, French to classic sports bar fare like wings and hamburgers. In warmer months you can even enjoy eating outside near the stadium in the sunshine before and after the game!

Stade Gerland offers something special for everyone when it comes to beverages and food options, making it one of the top places in town to watch a game. With such an extensive selection, it’s no wonder why Stade Gerland has become such a beloved destination.

Stade Gerland Parking Facilities

Stade Gerland offers over 1,500 parking spaces for vehicles in its main lot, which spans across three stories with 12,000 spaces. Additional options for parking can be found near the stadium in underground and surface lots that offer direct access to the stadium. Plus, there are plenty of public transportation options nearby that will get you there without needing your own vehicle or even driving yourself!

From the town centre and surrounding areas, walking routes lead directly towards Stade Gerland. Fans who want to be near the action during matches or other events held there can do so with ease and simplicity.

Stade Gerland offers multiple parking options that make it convenient for fans to arrive at the stadium from any location.

Stade Gerland Accommodation

Near the stadium in Lyon’s 7th district are numerous guesthouses and hotels which can provide comfortable accommodations.

Accommodation options near Stade Gerland Stadium range from Hotel Brit Hotel Lyon Gerland, an affordable choice that’s easily accessible on foot from the stadium, to Residence Laennec only a few minutes away. Many guesthouses provide basic amenities like WiFi and air conditioning at low costs which may come in handy for budget travelers.

Stade Gerland is close to numerous apartments that offer independent accommodation options. From studio apartments to full homes and rented spaces, there’s something suitable for everyone. All these homes come equipped with full kitchens as well as other features like cable TV systems and laundry facilities.

Accommodations near Stade Gerland of any type are available close to this renowned French soccer stadium.


The Stade Gerland has experienced many triumphs and losses throughout its illustrious history. Even with its unenviable pitch, Stade Gerland remains an integral part of French football history that many fans still cherish today.

France’s most beloved stadium, having hosted multiple European Cup finals over its history. Its distinctive yellow roof and arches stand out among contemporary stadiums, providing spectators with a vibrant atmosphere to watch soccer at its best.

Though Stade Gerland no longer hosts games for competition, its unique history remains alive in the hearts of its supporters. Through memories, Stade Gerland will serve as an inspiring beacon to future generations as they reflect upon its past as a source of French soccer inspiration.

Stade Gerland may no longer be used in matches, but its legacy on French football remains undiminished. All who witnessed its iconic image as an emblem of quality can take joy in remembering its legendary past – from famous players to unforgettable events in football history that will forever remain in our memories.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do you mean by Stade Gerland, you ask?

Stade Gerland stadium, situated in Lyon, France, is home to Olympique Lyonnais – a Ligue 1 football club. Occasionally it was also used for home matches of France’s national team. With capacity for more than 40,000 people and an unforgettable atmosphere, this stadium truly stands out.

How old is Stade Gerland?

Stade Gerland was built in 1926.

What sporting events are scheduled at Stade Gerland?

Stade Gerland is primarily used for football games. It hosted Olympique Lyonnais from 1926 until 2016, as well as other sports events like rugby union and athletic competitions.

Where can you find Stade Gerland?

Stade Gerland is situated in Lyon’s 7th arrondissement, France and it lies along the Rhone river banks to the north of Parc de la Tete d’Or.

What is the size of Stade Gerland's seating capacity?

Stade Gerland boasts a seating capacity of 40,511. It can accommodate both sitting and standing spectators alike.

Do you own parking space in Stade Gerland?

Parking is abundant at Stade Gerland. Two large lots can accommodate more than 1,500 cars and many free spots are located close by the stadium.

Are there restaurants or concessions at the stadium?

Stade Gerland offers an array of restaurants and concessions. Here, fans can get everything from sandwiches to hot dogs as well as soft drinks and beer – plus buy souvenirs for their team at the souvenir shop!

What has changed recently at Stade Gerland?

1998 marked a major renovation at Stade Gerland. This included installing seating and lighting, as well as creating event and VIP areas with capacity for up to 43,000 guests.

Are there any public transportation alternatives to or from Stade Gerland?

Public transport is available between and to Stade Gerland. There are numerous buses that connect the stadium to Metro stations Massena and Brotteaux, both served by tramline T1.

Are there any special facilities for patrons with disabilities at Stade Gerland?

Absolutely, Stade Gerland provides an array of accessible options for disabled visitors. These include wheelchair-accessible seating areas, designated parking spaces and ramps to facilitate easy entrance into the stadium. A lift is provided to facilitate patrons with disabilities when moving from floor to floor; additionally, customer service representatives are on hand throughout the duration of the festival to offer assistance as needed.

Are there any official sites or profiles associated with Stade Gerland that I can follow to stay informed on events at the venue?

Stade Gerland has both an official website and social media accounts. You can visit to access their official webpage, plus they have Facebook ( and Twitter account (@StadeGerland) where you can stay up to date with events taking place at the stadium.

Do you offer tours of Stade Gerland to visitors who would like to explore its architectural design and history?

Stade Gerland offers tours to visitors on Saturdays from 10am until 5pm to learn about its history, architecture and other fascinating details. Book your tour online or contact us at +33 472 54 30 to book one. Guided tours give a brief background and design of the venue with fascinating details about some of French football’s biggest events played there!

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