Soccer City Stadium

Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa is a multi-purpose stadium that can host various events. It's home to South Africa's National soccer team and frequently hosts big concerts or conferences. Soccer City offers fans an unrivaled experience while watching and enjoying football matches throughout South Africa.


Soccer City Stadium is one of the world’s most iconic football stadiums. Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, it’s been home to numerous memorable events over the past two years; such as hosting both opening and closing ceremonies for FIFA World Cup 2010, as well as numerous Premier Soccer League matches. Read on to discover more about this iconic venue and how it has played a pivotal role in South African soccer culture.

Soccer City Stadium's Story

Soccer City Stadium, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a renowned stadium that has hosted some of soccer’s greatest matches since 1987. With an extensive and illustrious cultural legacy to its credit, Soccer City Stadium continues to draw huge crowds every game it hosts.

Soccer City Stadium was born when South Africa announced it would host the FIFA World Cup 2010. Renovated extensively to prepare for this momentous occasion, Soccer City Stadium emerged as one of Africa’s finest stadiums, boasting increased capacity and modernized facilities.

Soccer City Stadium was home to many notable local and international matches, as well as local ones, such as African Cup Finals, CONCACAF Gold Cups, CAF Champions League Finals and Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 2013. Currently it serves South African National Team South African National Team South African National Team’s training facility ahead of their 2018 World Cup campaign.

Soccer City Stadium is an iconic part of South African culture today and continues to draw tourists with its remarkable historical significance and grandeur. Its distinct design stands as one of the world’s unique sports venues, promising that this landmark will remain a prominent landmark for years to come.

Soccer City Stadium: Features and Facilities

Soccer City Stadium provides comfortable seating that can accommodate up to 90,000. Toilets and concession stands are located throughout the arena, while a first aid station can be found in multiple locations. Fans have plenty of chances to take in breathtaking panoramas from different levels as they watch from their seat.

Soccer City Stadium provides media facilities to accommodate events for media or conferences. There are video conference rooms, interview rooms, as well as an on-site TV studio to broadcast live coverage.

High-Tech Infrastructure. To guarantee the smooth running of events at the stadium, it is equipped with modern infrastructure. This includes advanced lighting systems and sound systems that are digital, as well as wireless internet connections throughout the venue.

Soccer City Stadium provides event management solutions to make organizing and planning events easier. They specialize in all areas, from catering and ticketing services to full event management.

Soccer City Stadium is a premier venue for South African sporting events, boasting modern facilities as well as providing fans and athletes with an unforgettable experience.

Soccer City Stadium hosts events

Soccer City Stadium was the site of some iconic moments in South African history, such as the FIFA World Cup Final 2010 featuring Spain and the Netherlands. South Africa also hosted this year’s final between Italy and Brazil – an historic occasion in its own right. Other memorable events include Nelson Mandela memorial in 2013, attended by dignitaries from around the globe; and Madonna’s 2018 Madame X Tour.

Soccer City Stadium is the ideal venue for hosting South African events of all kinds, such as conferences, exhibitions and product launches. With its superior infrastructure and facilities, Soccer City Stadium makes the ideal platform to host some of South Africa’s biggest celebrations.

Soccer City Stadium is accessible with ease!

Situated in Johannesburg, it’s easily accessible by automobile or public transport to all areas of Johannesburg by either car or public transport. When not in use, the stadium features its own parking space which can accommodate up to 10,000 cars.

Gautrain provides public transport from Johannesburg, Pretoria and beyond to Soccer City Station in close proximity of the soccer stadium. Bus services that leave regularly from Sandton in Johannesburg also make regular stops at this station for private or shared rides; Uber or Taxify both offer these options.

There are a range of hotels nearby that provide budget-friendly accommodation close to Soccer City Stadium. Two such establishments are Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton and Holiday Inn Sandton Rivonia Road.

Soccer City Stadium is easily reachable due to its central location and many public transportation options. No matter if you come from far away or just down the street, getting to the stadium won’t be a problem!

Soccer City Stadium's environmental footprint

Soccer City Stadium is among the biggest soccer venues in Africa and hosts major international sporting events. While its distinctive designs and modern infrastructure have been praised, some have expressed concerns about its environmental impact.

The product was manufactured using non-sustainable substances that release hazardous pollutants that pollute the environment and harm ecosystems nearby. Furthermore, the stadium’s sound and lighting system uses an excessive amount of energy – leading to negative consequences on the environment.

Soccer City Stadium attracts thousands of visitors annually from around the world to enjoy games and other sporting events. Unfortunately, this increased traffic leads to higher pollution levels.

Soccer City Stadium has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact despite these issues. They installed solar panels at the stadium in order to generate renewable energy and promise reuse any waste generated during events and matches. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce automobile emissions caused by visitors, Soccer City Stadium encourages fans and staff members to take cars or public transportation when visiting.

Soccer City Stadium will continue its efforts to sustain itself by taking the steps outlined above, and strive to offer an enjoyable experience for all visitors to its historic venue.

Transport and parking are both conveniently located near The Soccer City Stadium.

Soccer City Stadium offers two parking lots on either side of the stadium. These lots provide plenty of room for buses and motorbikes; prices vary according to vehicle size. Furthermore, special spaces are accessible to disabled individuals by presenting an approved disability certificate.

For those who don’t wish to drive themselves to Soccer City Stadium, there are several public transportation options. Gautrain Bus Service runs daily from various locations within Johannesburg towards the stadium and gives direct access. Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System stops nearby too, linking various areas within Johannesburg.

Soccer City Stadium provides an unforgettable atmosphere for fans from any location. It’s easily accessible via various modes of transport and ample parking options, making the stadium a truly accessible destination.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

Soccer City Stadium is situated near an array of dining options and shops. Within walking distance from the stadium you’ll find plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, and stores for you to explore.

Before or after the game, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. From casual meals like pizza and hamburgers to fine restaurants with formal menus, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, there are numerous bars and pubs where patrons can relax with a drink while staying up to date on all things soccer related.

Soccer City Stadium is close to many shops where shoppers can find something special to take home with them, from clothing shops and souvenir shops selling replicas from past games.

Soccer City Stadium provides visitors with a fantastic experience, boasting numerous excellent restaurants and retail options close by.

There are a range of accommodation options in the surrounding area.

Soccer City Stadium visitors have plenty of accommodation options. Hotels located nearby provide easy access and provide luxurious views, while lodges or resorts nearby offer affordable luxury lodging options. Guesthouses and hostels also provide budget-friendly lodging at reasonable costs.

Soccer City Stadium is conveniently situated close to numerous restaurants and bars, as well as shopping malls, galleries, museums and more. Nightlife enthusiasts will also find plenty of clubs and bars in the surrounding area.

No matter where you choose to stay when visiting Soccer City Stadium, there’s always something close by. Visitors will have no trouble finding the ideal accommodation and can enjoy all that the stadium has to offer.


Soccer City Stadium is an iconic football stadium that has been transformed into an unforgettable event for fans and players alike. It has hosted some of the greatest matches, both international and local. Fans in South Africa love this stadium because of its enthusiastic supporters that create a captivating atmosphere. This stadium serves as proof that ingenuity can come alive through innovative designs using cutting-edge technology.

Soccer City Stadium’s long history and close ties to South African football culture have played a major role in its meteoric rise to fame. What began as an amateur training ground for soccer players has evolved into one of Africa’s premier stadiums, hosting some major African football matches. Equipped with modern facilities as well as sparkling playing surfaces, Soccer City Stadium continues to draw crowds every game day.

Soccer City Stadium is celebrating their three decade anniversary. It is an integral part of South African football culture and brings joy to millions around South Africa and around the world on match days, giving everyone a chance to savor a unique moment. Soccer City Stadium’s iconic design, passionate fans and exceptional facilities will continue to define South African football culture for years to come.

Frequently asked questions

How many seats does Soccer City Stadium provide?

Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, boasts a capacity of 94,736.

What amenities are offered at Soccer City Stadium?

Soccer City Stadium boasts an array of facilities for fans to enjoy. Cafes, kiosks and bars abound as do free Wi-Fi connections and various seating choices. Furthermore, the stadium boasts state-of-the-art audio and two gigantic video screens; VIP seating is also available. Furthermore, Soccer City Stadium provides designated smoking areas as well as facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

Are there public transportation options to the Soccer City Stadium?

Soccer City Stadium can be reached using public transportation. Taxis, buses and a shuttle bus run from Johannesburg Park Station to the stadium; private companies provide shuttles between close hotels and different areas in the city.

Are there any food or drink options available at Soccer City Stadium?

Soccer City Stadium provides a range of food and drinks. Concession stands are located throughout the stadium, offering tantalizing snacks like hamburgers, hot dogs, hot dogs and sandwiches. Furthermore, there are bars that serve alcohol-based drinks.

Are There Parking Spaces Near Soccer City Stadium?

There are a number of parking options near Soccer City Stadium. Ellis Park Underground Garage, situated at the intersection of Empire Road and Nasrec Road, provides underground garage access. Shell Ultra City also provides ample space at their location on Nasrec Road; further away, one can access them from Carlton Centre via Albertina Sisulu Road for access to their nearest garage. Unfortunately, street parking in this vicinity is limited.

Are there stadiums accessible to wheelchair users?

Soccer City Stadium is wheelchair-accessible. Seating within the stadium has been made accessible, along with a ramp and elevator to assist those with disabilities in moving about. Standards for accessibility are adhered to at all times – there are designated areas for wheelchairs in restrooms and concession stands.

Are the facilities family-friendly?

Soccer City Stadium is a family-friendly destination with numerous kid-friendly features like face painting and inflatable games. Families are even welcome to play together within designated zones of the stadium. Furthermore, security measures have been put into place so everyone has an enjoyable time within a safe and secure setting.

What events take place at Soccer City Stadium and how are they organized?

Soccer City Stadium, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa and capable of hosting various purposes, is primarily used for hosting soccer games. It hosts both South African national and local matches of the team as well as concerts and rugby union internationals.

How often will you utilize your stadium to host sports events?

Soccer City Stadium is the site of numerous sporting events, such as matches from the South African Premier Soccer League International Friendly games and other important local and international matches. Additionally, it hosts important ceremonies of religious significance, corporate functions and other significant gatherings.

Are there any limitations on what can be brought into the stadium?

Soccer City Stadium has strict policies regarding what can and cannot be brought inside the stadium. All weapons, fireworks, alcohol and substances are strictly forbidden inside as well as umbrellas both in and outside seating areas. On their website you’ll find an extensive list of prohibited objects for your safety – check it out today!

Are there special seats designed for disabled patrons at Soccer City Stadium?

Soccer City Stadium provides special seating for disabled patrons. There is a designated space in the venue for wheelchairs and companion seating, along with aisle seating designed specifically to accommodate people with disabilities. For further assistance or information regarding wheelchair seating options, please visit the ticket counter at any time.

Do you have safety measures in place to guarantee visitors' security at the arena's entrance point?

Soccer City Stadium has implemented a range of security measures to safeguard visitors. Every guest must pass through metal detectors before entering the stadium, and security guards are on site throughout the day in case any potential threats or incidents arise. Emergency medical facilities are also available on-site in case anyone gets sick or hurt; everyone must wear face masks to reduce crowding and keep everyone safe and tidy – the area is cleaned regularly.

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