MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium, home to the NFL's New York Jets & Giants football team, hosts world-class sporting events like Super Bowl XLVIII and concerts as well as international soccer matches. Situated in East Rutherford NJ, experience top-of-the-line entertainment at this state of the art arena.


MetLife Stadium is one of the most well-known stadiums in America. Situated in East Rutherford (New Jersey), it serves as home to two professional teams: either the New York Giants or Jets. MetLife Stadium hosts many games during regular season as well as some major sporting events like Super Bowls, Wrestlemania and other international matches. This article gives a brief description of MetLife Stadium including its background, amenities and features.

I. Overview of MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is an unparalleled sports and entertainment venue located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. As home for both the New York Giants and Jets of the NFL as well as hosting major concerts and international soccer matches since opening its doors in 2010, MetLife Stadium has quickly become an iconic location, providing guests with an unmatched experience. It is home to both Giants’ home games, concerts as well as international tournaments that use its facilities. MetLife Stadium opened in 2010 with modern amenities that create an unparalleled guest experience – providing visitors with an unparalleled experience when attending these major events!
This stadium features 82,500 seats on two levels with three club lounges offering exclusive views of the field. Four HD video boards give fans an unobstructed view of all the action regardless of where they sit in the stadium; additionally there are over 300 luxury suites, offering VIPs an unforgettable experience.
MetLife Stadium plays host to not only football games and other sporting events, but also concerts and special events throughout the year. From Taylor Swift to Jay-Z to Kenny Chesney – some of music’s biggest stars have graced its stage over recent years at MetLife Stadium. Additionally, fans can experience virtual reality tours around the venue or take virtual reality experiences within MetLife Stadium itself.
MetLife Stadium stands as an icon among modern stadiums worldwide, boasting world-class facilities and amenities that guarantee an unforgettable event experience for every event held there.

II. History of the Stadium

MetLife Stadium (formerly New Meadowlands Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey and serves as home for both the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets as well as concerts and other events.
II. History of the Stadium
MetLife Stadium opened for business in April 2010, replacing Giants Stadium which had served both teams since 1976. At an estimated cost of $1.6 billion and seating capacity of 82,500 seats – making it one of the world’s largest stadiums – MetLife Stadium offers two distinct seating levels dedicated to each team offering fans an unforgettable fan experience.

III. Features and Amenities

MetLife Stadium, home of both the New York Giants and Jets, boasts many features and amenities that make it a premier venue for football games. Boasting an 82,500 capacity, there’s plenty of room for spectators – seating sections provide various views of the field; plus there are even luxurious suites for an exclusive experience during a game!
MetLife Stadium boasts more than just size and seating arrangements; it also offers its guests a comprehensive set of amenities. These amenities include over 200 concession stands selling food and drinks from local vendors as well as entertainment such as live music performances during halftime as well as interactive activities like virtual reality experiences on its concourse. In addition, there are various interactive displays positioned throughout the stadium that give fans an exclusive look inside any game they are attending.
MetLife Stadium also offers fans convenient transportation options like buses and trains that will quickly return them home after each game is over. Furthermore, their staff works hard to ensure all attendees enjoy themselves when attending events at the facility, by providing outstanding customer service as well as security personnel to patrol during each event.

IV. Events Hosted at MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is an iconic sports and entertainment venue known for hosting some of the most memorable events around – ranging from NFL games to international music festivals like WrestleMania 29 and 35 and concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and more. Furthermore, Rutgers University plays its football games here as well. With state-of-the-art amenities close to major highways nearby, MetLife Stadium makes an ideal location for any kind of event or celebration.

V. Accessibility and Parking

MetLife Stadium stands out as one of the most accessible and convenient stadiums in America, situated conveniently in East Rutherford, New Jersey and easily reachable via car, train or bus. Parking at MetLife Stadium is readily available for all events with over 20,000 spaces conveniently located within 10 minutes walking distance of the stadium. For those preferring public transit options, NJ Transit’s rail stations at Secaucus Junction and Hoboken Terminal offer reliable routes directly into the stadium. MetLife Stadium features shuttle and express buses which run game days to various points throughout New Jersey from various locations, while handicap parking spaces can be found near each entrance gate for wheelchair accessibility within the stadium itself. Offering easy accessibility and a great fan experience for all attendees attending events here is what sets MetLife Stadium apart as one of New Jersey’s premier venues.

VI. Food & Beverage Options

MetLife Stadium provides fans of all stripes with a selection of food and beverage offerings to satisfy every type of fan, whether that means classic ballpark experiences with hot dogs and beer or something more distinctive like an authentic Italian sausage sandwich – there’s something here for every type of fan! Local favorite such as New Jersey-style pizza and cheesesteaks can also be found at MetLife Stadium, along with dessert options like ice cream sundaes, cookies cotton candy. And of course you can choose from an impressive array of craft beers wines spirits as well! So that even while watching your game you won’t go hungry – that means everyone will find something delicious while watching your game!

VII. Home to NFL Teams Giants & Jets

MetLife Stadium serves as home for two NFL teams – New York Giants and Jets – and boasts a massive 82,500 capacity seating capacity. Situated in East Rutherford, NJ it’s one of the world’s largest stadiums. MetLife Stadium opened in 2010 and quickly became a favorite spot for football fans across the United States. Offering luxury suites, state-of-the-art technology and various amenities that ensure visiting games there is an unforgettable experience. The stadium has hosted an array of significant events, such as Super Bowl XLVIII, WrestleMania 29 and 32 and concerts by Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Beyonce. MetLife Stadium offers flexible seating options and modern design to create the ideal setting for both teams to show their talents on the gridiron. You may come out and cheer for your favorite team, or spend an unforgettable experience just hanging out with family and friends at one of these games – you’re guaranteed a memorable time at this game.

VIII. Recent Renovations & Upgrades

MetLife Stadium has undergone various upgrades since opening its doors to the public in 2010. Most recently, in 2013, they underwent an ambitious $45 million renovation project which featured new HD video boards, upgraded sound systems and updated seating areas. MetLife Stadium underwent significant upgrades during 2017. First was an outdoor terrace bar featuring views of Manhattan skyline; and more recently with two large LED displays located at each end zone and totalling 4500 square feet measuring better visibility for fans. MetLife Stadium recently upgraded with new concession stands and food options, giving fans more variety and convenience. Thanks to these upgrades, MetLife Stadium is now one of the premiere NFL stadiums, offering unforgettable experiences to football fans worldwide.

IX. Fan Experience at MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is world-famous for providing an unforgettable fan experience. As soon as you step inside the venue, the energy and excitement that accompany watching a game in one of the premier sports venues in America becomes palpable. Furthermore, its impressive array of amenities ensure fans have an incredible time no matter who their team may be cheering for.
For those wanting a front row view, over 25,000 club seats can be found throughout the arena. These luxurious suites provide comfortable seating as well as access to exclusive concession stands and services, such as Wi-Fi access, TV screens and charging stations – perfect for fans wanting an in-your-face experience!
MetLife Stadium takes great pride in offering visitors an array of exciting entertainment during games, from live musical performances and halftime shows featuring some of music’s biggest names to interactive experiences like virtual reality experiences or photo booths scattered throughout its venue. Fans are sure to be kept entertained!
MetLife Stadium strives to give its guests an unforgettable experience when attending any sporting event at this iconic venue. No matter if it is their first or hundredth time at MetLife Stadium, all staff members at the stadium will ensure you feel taken care of!

X. Future Developments

Future Developments MetLife Stadium is currently undergoing exciting developments that will elevate fan experiences for years to come, such as installing a state-of-the-art sound system that will offer clear audio throughout the venue. MetLife Stadium recently unveiled plans for a high definition video board and LED ribbon boards to keep fans up-to-date with scores and stats of their favorite teams throughout games. MetLife Stadium is working towards installing an interactive app that will offer its fans access to exclusive content and discounts while they are in attendance at the stadium. These enhancements ensure MetLife Stadium remains one of the premier sports venues nationwide.


MetLife Stadium MetLife Stadium is a symbol of New York and New Jersey. Home to both the Giants and Jets, this stadium has hosted various sporting events such as concerts, college football matches, international soccer games – you name it! With its unique layout and modern facilities, MetLife Stadium is one of the most talked about stadiums in America.

MetLife Stadium strives to make fans’ experiences at the stadium exceptional, from providing excellent seating and easy access, to implementing eco-friendly initiatives and community development initiatives. They are passionate about making sure fans have an outstanding time with us!

MetLife Stadium’s appeal lies in its ability to bring people from various backgrounds together for a fun-filled experience in an inviting atmosphere. No matter who you support or taking part in any of the many special occasions held there each year, MetLife Stadium is much more than just a sports venue; it’s where people create memories which they then share with loved ones, family members or even complete strangers.

MetLife Stadium has become an essential part of New York/New Jersey’s infrastructure over the last decade, boasting its cutting-edge combination of technology and aesthetic aesthetic. Expect it to remain so for many years into the future!

Frequently asked questions

What sports teams play at MetLife Stadium?

MetLife Stadium serves as home for both of New York’s NFL teams: the Giants and Jets. In addition, college football games, international soccer matches, concerts and special events take place there from time to time.

How many people can MetLife Stadium accommodate?

MetLife Stadium can accommodate up to 82,500 people at once.

When was MetLife Stadium built?

MetLife Stadium opened for its inaugural event on April 10, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey and serves as home for both New York Giants and Jets of the NFL.

Is there on-site parking available at the stadium?

Yes, on-site parking is available at MetLife Stadium with prices varying depending on the event, typically between $20-50 depending on its duration. In addition, a variety of off-site options within walking distance from the stadium offer further parking solutions.

Are there any public transportation options that go to MetLife Stadium?

Yes, MetLife Stadium can be reached via public transportation in many ways. Depending on where you’re coming from, your options include buses, trains and ferries. New Jersey Transit provides express buses from various points in New Jersey directly to MetLife Stadium while Meadowlands Rail Line runs express service between Secaucus Junction Station and MetLife Stadium for Giants and Jets home games at MetLife. Those coming from Manhattan and Brooklyn may take the NY Waterway ferry service that runs directly to MetLife Stadium on game days.

Does the stadium offer food and beverage services during events?

MetLife Stadium provides food and beverage services during events. Concession stands are located throughout the stadium offering snacks, meals and drinks while there are numerous restaurants, bars and lounges where guests can dine or lounge during an event.

How much does it cost to attend an event at the stadium?

Attending an event at MetLife Stadium may vary in price depending on its nature and seating location, with tickets usually ranging from $25 up to over $500; additional fees may also apply.

Is tailgating allowed in the parking lot before events?

Yes, tailgating before events at MetLife Stadium is allowed in its parking lot; however, certain restrictions and guidelines must be observed, including: no open flames (including grills), no alcohol beverages, amplified sound systems or tailgaters must park in designated areas and comply with traffic safety regulations when entering and leaving the stadium grounds.

Are there any restrictions on what items can be brought into the stadium?

Yes, MetLife Stadium does have restrictions on what items may be brought into its facilities. All guests must go through a screening process before entering and prohibited items may include weapons of any kind, alcohol beverages, anything that can act as a projectile (including frisbees), glass bottles or metal cans with noisemaking devices attached, large bags/backpacks (small purses/diaper bags are allowed), laser pointers/fireworks/beach balls/strollers/umbrellas deemed dangerous by security personnel; outside food/beverages is also not allowed within its walls.

What types of entertainment are offered at MetLife Stadium besides sporting events?

MetLife Stadium hosts more than sports events; it offers an abundance of entertainment. These include concerts from some of the biggest stars in music and family-friendly shows such as Cirque du Soleil; professional wrestling/MMA events; college football games/international soccer matches and many special events such as food festivals/holiday celebrations/outdoor movie screenings etc.

Does the stadium have any special accommodations for disabled guests?

Yes, MetLife Stadium does provide special accommodations for guests with disabilities. The stadium provides accessible seating, wheelchair services and parking for disabled patrons as well as Braille signage, accessible restrooms and elevators that assist those with mobility issues in moving about the facility. Furthermore, guests may request assistance from any member of staff within the venue.

Are there any discounts available for tickets purchased in advance or in bulk quantities?

Yes, discounts may be available when buying tickets early or in bulk quantities. MetLife Stadium provides various ticket packages – group packages and season tickets among them – at discounted pricing when purchased ahead of time; many events also provide early purchase discounts when possible; to learn more please check our website or visit your event’s page directly for updates and promotions available to your event.

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