Allianz Arena

Experience the Allianz Arena, Munich's iconic stadium where Bayern Munich plays and TSV 1860 munchen battle. This modern stadium boasts a retractable roof, stunning lighting and an unforgettable ambience - make sure to join us for some thrilling events at this remarkable venue!


The Allianz Arena, home to German soccer champions Bayern Munich, is one of the most renowned European stadiums. With 75,000 seats located within Munich city limits, it stands as an iconic icon with its distinctive style and contemporary exterior. Since opening its doors in 2005, Allianz Arena has become a significant part of Bavaria’s cultural landscape; hosting important sporting events as well as concerts featuring some renowned performers. This piece will explore both its significance and history behind this landmark stadium.

History of the Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany is an iconic football stadium that serves as home for Bundesliga clubs Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munchen. Opened in 2005, this landmark stadium has since become one of Europe’s premier sporting arenas.
History of Allianz Arena
Construction on the Allianz Arena began in 2002 and was completed at a total cost of EUR340 million in 2005, taking two years. It features exterior ETFE plastic panels illuminated with various colours to signify which team was playing home; red for Bayern Munich and blue for TSV 1860 Munchen respectively. Internally, two tiered seating for 75,000 spectators makes this stadium one of Europe’s largest stadiums.
In addition to hosting football matches, Allianz Arena serves as a venue for concerts and conferences. In 2006 it hosted four matches during FIFA World Cup 2006 including France-Portugal semifinal. More recently in 2012 it hosted six matches during UEFA Euro 2012.
Since opening, the Allianz Arena has become an iconic symbol of modern German architecture and engineering. With its distinctive design, it is one of Europe’s most-recognized stadiums and continues to draw visitors from across the world each year.

Stadium Design Features

The Allianz Arena stands as one of Europe’s most iconic stadiums, famed for its innovative design. Situated in Munich, Germany and accommodating over 75,000 spectators at once, it plays host to both FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munchen. What sets the Allianz Arena apart from other stadiums is its distinctive exterior featuring ETFE plastic panels illuminated with lighting which matches their respective teams’ colours – this LED lighting system boasts 16 million different colour combinations!
Inside the stadium, visitors can experience unobstructed views from every seat thanks to an impressive cantilever roof structure that covers each and every one. An underground heating system keeps the pitch at optimal condition throughout each season. Furthermore, Allianz Arena boasts state-of-the-art technology such as video screens and sound systems which enhance fan experiences during games.
The Allianz Arena is truly impressive with its modern architectural features that make it one of the premier sporting venues in Europe. Combining cutting-edge technology with stunning architecture, it is a must see attraction for any football fan visiting Munich.

Events and Activities Hosted at the Arena

The Allianz Arena stands as one of the world’s most impressive stadiums. Situated in Munich, Germany and home to both FC Bayern Munchen and TSV 1860 Munchen football clubs – among many others. But this iconic venue hosts more than just sporting events; it plays host to events and activities throughout the year!
From concerts to conferences, Allianz Arena offers something for everyone. Over its history, this iconic venue has hosted iconic performers like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Beyonce; plus conventions and business meetings. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities with modern amenities – making this an ideal setting for any type of event or activity!
For visitors looking for a leisurely experience, the Allianz Arena provides guided tours that give visitors a better insight into its history and features. On these tours, visitors can learn how this iconic structure was constructed, explore its rooms and suites, as well as witness first-hand one of its unique features such as its retractable roof.
The Allianz Arena provides fans with plenty of ways to participate in their team’s success. Special fan days allow supporters to watch training sessions from their favorite players or participate in interactive activities like penalty shootouts or sprints on the pitch.
No matter your interests, the Allianz Arena offers something for everyone! From concerts and educational tours to exciting fan activities – you are certain to make your visit memorable!

Facilities and Amenities Offered at the Arena

The Allianz Arena stands as one of the world’s most iconic and modern stadiums. Situated in Munich, Germany since 2005 and home of FC Bayern Munich football club since then. Boasting a capacity of 75,000, this stadium provides visitors with many amenities that cater to them and their visitors alike.
Inside the arena, guests will discover a wide range of food and beverage offerings including restaurants, snack bars, kiosks, merchandise shops for souvenir shopping or team apparel and comfortable seating areas that allow visitors to relax during meals or match watching without standing up all day long.
Allianz Arena provides entertainment through a large LED screen which displays replays during matches and various pre-game shows to keep fans amused before kickoff. Furthermore, this stadium provides free Wi-Fi throughout its premises so spectators can stay in contact with friends while watching a match live online.
The Allianz Arena provides numerous additional services, such as wheelchair accessibility for disabled patrons and parking spots for cars and buses as well as numerous corporate hospitality suites for hosting special events within its venue. Furthermore, their friendly staff are always on hand to ensure everyone enjoys their visit to this landmark venue.
All-in-all, the Allianz Arena provides an unforgettable experience for football fans from around the globe who visit this breathtaking stadium each year. Boasting an extensive range of facilities and amenities that rival even Europe’s premier venues, its draw is undeniable.

Impact on German Football

The Allianz Arena, situated in Munich, Germany, has long been one of the world’s most iconic football stadiums since opening its doors for business in 2005. Since then, its presence has greatly strengthened German football and established the country as an outstanding footballing nation. First and foremost, Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich have found refuge here, two of Germany’s premier clubs. As a result, these teams are able to attract some of the finest players and coaches from around the globe while competing for major trophies. Second, it has become an iconic symbol of German football and source of great national pride, becoming one of Europe’s most recognisable grounds with its distinctive design and features. Additionally, the stadium has helped raise German football’s profile both domestically and internationally – hosting some of Europe’s biggest matches such as Champions League Final or World Cup Qualifiers with its massive capacity and stunning atmosphere regularly.
Simply, the Allianz Arena has had an enormous effect on German football over the past decade or so. Not only does it serve as home to two of Germany’s premier clubs but it has become an icon of global German football culture – in short, making this stadium truly emblematic of modern-day Germany.

Fan Experiences at Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany is an iconic stadium and must-visit for any football fan. Home to Bayern Munich since 1996, you’ll experience something truly unforgettable when visiting. Stepping inside will transport you back in time as breathtaking views meet an electric atmosphere filled with 75,000 passionate supporters cheering them on in unison.
At Allianz Arena, fans enjoy top-of-the-line entertainment both on and off the pitch. On match days, vibrant colors fill the stadium as flags wave and chants echo throughout. All seats provide access to sound systems so everyone can hear every goal or tackle from wherever they sit – while food stalls, interactive gaming areas and souvenir shops keep fans busy before kick off!
After full time, fans can also take part in behind-the-scenes tours of Allianz Arena afterward; these tours grant access to VIP areas like press boxes and changing rooms. Even if you don’t catch any games there, Allianz Arena remains worth visiting just to soak up its unique atmosphere and admire its architecture from outside – whether that brings you here for work or pleasure, your visit to Allianz Arena is certain to be unforgettable!

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

The Allianz Arena, situated in Munich, Germany and home of FC Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga football league. As one of Europe’s most beloved stadiums, it has long been recognized for its environmental sustainability initiatives; among these measures are transitioning to renewable energy sources and employing energy-saving strategies in an attempt to decrease carbon footprint and save energy costs.
In 2013, Allianz Arena became one of the largest photovoltaic systems in Germany by installing over 3,000 solar panels on its roof – one of Germany’s largest photovoltaic systems at that time. This system provides up to 10% of electricity needed by the stadium and significantly lowers carbon emissions; furthermore, LED floodlights installed throughout help reduce energy consumption by 66%.
The Allianz Arena participates in various waste reduction efforts, including composting organic materials and recycling plastic bottles. Organic waste from concession stands is collected separately for composting before being used to enrich local gardens or parks, while recycling bins have been placed around the stadium to allow fans to dispose of their plastic bottles during matches.
These sustainable initiatives highlight how hard Allianz Arena works to remain environmentally-friendly while still offering fans an unforgettable experience at matches. By taking steps towards sustainability, the Allianz Arena sets an excellent example for other stadiums across Europe while inspiring more individuals and institutions to do their part for our environment.

Financial Performance of Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany is a multi-purpose stadium which serves as home for German football club Bayern Munich as well as several other sporting events. Since opening its doors to the public in 2005, this multi-use venue has proven extremely popular, becoming one of the most iconic places in Europe.
Allianz Arena has shown impressive financial results since opening. Generating over EUR1 billion in revenue since opening, much of this coming from ticket sales and sponsorship deals, Allianz Arena has helped Bayern Munich remain competitive in European football while building strong brand equity.
Allianz Arena provides Munich with an economic boost by creating jobs, increasing tourism and hosting concerts and other events – this helps Munich remain viable while offering entertainment to both local residents and international guests alike.
Allianz Arena has been an incredible triumph for Bayern Munich and Munich alike, as its stunning financial success has made it one of Europe’s premier venues while simultaneously contributing to local economy growth.

Future Plans for Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena stands as one of the world’s most iconic stadiums, having played host to some of the world’s premier sporting events over recent memory. Capable of seating over 75,000 people at once, its capacity and significance as an iconic symbol of German football culture have made it one of the key venues. Plans for its future are always being drawn up.
One major plan for the Allianz Arena is to increase its capacity. Although currently it holds more than 75,000 people, expansion would allow even bigger events and attract even more visitors from around the globe.
As part of its plans to increase capacity, Allianz Arena plans to upgrade both its technology and facilities as well as upgrade its technology and facilities, such as installing LED lighting systems and improving access points around the stadium. These upgrades will ensure fans can have an enhanced experience when visiting this iconic venue.
Allianz Arena is also looking to add something special to their events by providing fans with memorable activities and experiences, such as virtual reality experiences or interactive games that can be enjoyed while watching matches or shows.
All these plans point towards an exciting future for the Allianz Arena as it strives to remain one of Europe’s premier destinations for sport and entertainment.


Conclusion The Allianz Arena is an impressive symbol of modern architecture. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology make it one of Europe’s most renowned stadiums, hosting various sporting events such as football matches and concerts, hosting some of entertainment’s biggest names including Rihanna and Justin Bieber – as Munich’s premier sports arena, it forms an essential part of its culture and history – whether you are visiting Munich for leisurely leisurely trips, or looking for somewhere great to watch games or music live, then The Allianz Arena should definitely be on top of your list!


The Allianz Arena is one of the world’s most iconic sporting venues, making it a major factor in Bayern Munich’s success over the past decade. Inspired and iconic for its players, this stadium has hosted some of Europe’s biggest matches such as Champions League finals and international tournaments. Its contemporary design and advanced amenities make it an ideal destination for football enthusiasts who wish to experience all that Bayern Munich matchday has to offer.

Allianz Arena is more than just a place to play; it’s an iconic symbol of German technology and creativity in European football. Designed with the best design, technology and entertainment in mind, Allianz Arena provides visitors with an unforgettable gameday experience.

Bayern Munich are proud to call the Allianz Arena their home. Every time they step onto the field, they recognize and honor its history, tradition and passion for football. With its size and design, this stadium will likely go down as one of Europe’s most iconic venues. Additionally, its inspirational power motivates us to strive towards greatness if we so choose.

Frequently asked questions

How large is the Allianz Arena?

The Allianz Arena can accommodate 75,000 people and covers 21.2 hectares (52 acres). As Germany’s largest stadium and Europe’s second-largest football arena, this structure stands out.

What teams play at the Allianz Arena?

The Allianz Arena serves as home ground to two German Bundesliga teams – FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munchen – and also hosts matches featuring Germany national football team.

When was the Allianz Arena first opened?

The Allianz Arena officially opened for business on May 30, 2005.

Is there a museum inside the Allianz Arena?

Yes, Allianz Arena does not feature an actual museum; however, visitors can experience behind-the-scenes of its stadium via an Allianz Arena Tour which gives access to areas usually off limits to visitors such as changing rooms and players tunnel. Furthermore, this tour also includes a multimedia guide providing insight into Bayern Munich’s past as well as information about current teams.

Are there any restaurants or concession stands at the Allianz Arena?

Yes, Allianz Arena provides several restaurants and concession stands. Paulaner Restaurant can be found at its Sudkurve entrance; smaller food stands offer snacks and drinks throughout the stadium; there is even a fan shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs or merchandise.

How much does it cost to attend an event at the Allianz Arena?

Cost of attending events at the Allianz Arena varies based on event type and seat selection. Most ticket prices range between EUR20 to EUR150, although special concerts or sporting events may incur higher ticket costs.

Can I purchase tickets for events at the Allianz Arena online?

Yes, tickets for events at the Allianz Arena can be purchased online via their official website (, as well as authorized ticket vendors like Eventim and Munchen Ticket.

Does the Allianz Arena have parking facilities available?

Yes, Allianz Arena provides parking facilities. There are over 8,000 spaces within its own car parks as well as additional lots nearby; visitors can purchase a parking ticket when purchasing match tickets or separately at the venue on event days.

Is there public transportation available to get to and from the Allianz Arena?

Yes, public transportation options exist to get to and from Allianz Arena. Subway line U6 stops directly in front of the stadium while there are also several bus lines that serve the area as well as taxi services that offer transportation between them both ways.

Is there a dress code for visitors of the Allianz Arena?

No dress code exists at Allianz Arena; however, visitors are asked to dress respectfully and refrain from wearing items that could cause a disturbance. Furthermore, clothing or accessories with offensive language or symbols should not be worn by visitors.

Are pets allowed in the Allianz Arena?

No pets are permitted inside of Allianz Arena; only guide dogs for visually impaired individuals are accepted as visitors.

What other services are offered at the Allianz Arena besides sports events and concerts?

Allianz Arena not only hosts sports events and concerts, but it also offers many other services including guided stadium tours, VIP experiences and corporate hospitality options. Furthermore, this stadium houses various restaurants and bars as well as an interactive museum that gives visitors an insight into FC Bayern Munich history; additionally there are shops selling official merchandise from both FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich teams located within its walls.

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