Allianz Arena

Experience the Allianz Arena, Munich's iconic stadium where Bayern Munich plays and TSV 1860 munchen battle. This modern stadium boasts a retractable roof, stunning lighting and an unforgettable ambience - make sure to join us for some thrilling events at this remarkable venue!


The Allianz Arena, home to German soccer champions Bayern Munich, is one of the most renowned European stadiums. With 75,000 seats located within Munich city limits, it stands as an iconic icon with its distinctive style and contemporary exterior. Since opening its doors in 2005, Allianz Arena has become a significant part of Bavaria’s cultural landscape; hosting important sporting events as well as concerts featuring some renowned performers. This piece will explore both its significance and history behind this landmark stadium.

History of the Allianz Arena

Munich’s Allianz Arena is a soccer stadium located in Germany that serves as home to Bundesliga teams Bayern Munich and TSV Munchen Munchen. Opened in 2005, this modern arena has become one of Europe’s most renowned venues.

Construction of the Allianz Arena began in 2002 and was completed in 2005 at a cost of EUR340 million. Constructed from ETFE panels filled with air and illuminated in different colors to indicate which team is at home, this arena is Europe’s largest sporting venue, boasting 75,000 seats spread over two levels.

The Allianz Arena is a venue used primarily for football matches, but it can also host concerts or conferences. In 2006, it hosted an important FIFA World Cup semi-final match between Portugal and France; additionally, six matches from UEFA Euro 2012 were played there as well.

Since opening, the Allianz Arena has been a symbol of German design and engineering. Its iconic shape has earned it recognition throughout Europe and draws fans from around the globe every year.

Stadium Design Features

The Allianz Arena can accommodate 75,000 spectators and plays host to FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich teams alike. Constructed out of ETFE plastic panels that are inflated and illuminated with team colors using LED technology, this stadium stands out from other venues due to its 16 million color combinations created by its lighting system.

The impressive canopy structure of the stadium, which covers every seat inside, offers unobstructed views. The pitch is heated underground to keep it dry all year round. Modern technology such as audio and video systems further enhance fans’ experiences during Allianz Arena matches.

The Allianz Arena is truly a sight to behold, boasting cutting-edge technology and stunning design. It is the ideal destination for football enthusiasts in Munich to experience this marvel.

Events and Activities Hosted at the Arena

The Allianz Arena provides a host of services, from conferences to concerts. It has hosted some of music’s biggest names like Rihanna and Justin Timberlake. It regularly hosts events for business or conventions as well as live shows. With its state-of-the-art facilities, The Allianz Arena makes an ideal place for holding any type of activity or event.

It is worth noting that the Allianz Arena offers guided tours for those who would prefer a slower-paced journey and want to gain more insight into its history and unique characteristics. These tours allow visitors to discover more about this iconic structure’s past, explore its numerous rooms and suites, as well as take in its distinctive features like its retracting roof.

Fans at the Allianz Arena can get involved with their favorite teams’ success by attending events for fans inside the arena and seeing players train or participate in fun activities such as sprints, penalty shootouts and penalty shootouts on the pitch.

The Allianz Arena provides something special for everyone’s needs, no matter their size or shape. There’s something here for everyone – from thrilling concerts and informative tours to activities just for fans!

Facilities and Amenities Offered at the Arena

There is a wide variety of food choices available in the arena. There are kiosks and snack bars, along with various beverages and eateries. Furthermore, visitors can purchase souvenirs or team apparel in one of many shops for merchandise. Furthermore, there are comfortable seating places so guests don’t have to stand up while watching their game or dining at tables.

The Allianz Arena features a large LCD screen that shows replays of games and pre-game shows for entertainment purposes. To keep fans occupied until kickoff, there is Wi-Fi available throughout the arena so you can stay connected to your loved ones while taking in the match live.

At Allianz Arena, patrons can take advantage of wheelchair access, parking spots for cars and buses, as well as corporate hospitality rooms to hold celebrations. The staff at the stadium strives to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience during their visit.

The Allianz Arena provides an unforgettable experience to football enthusiasts from around the globe who visit each year. It’s no surprise why this stadium is considered one of Europe’s most sought-after venues.

Impact on German Football

Since its opening, this landmark venue has had a significant impact on German football – hosting both world-class matches between these two sides since their inception. It has attracted some of the world’s best coaches and players, who have competed with some of football’s greatest teams. As such, it has become a symbol for Germany as well as an iconic source of national pride and source of inspiration for fans everywhere. The stadium’s iconic design has earned it a place of honor among Europe’s premier venues. Additionally, its presence has enhanced German football’s visibility internationally and domestically by hosting some of football’s most significant matches and international competitions like the Champions League Final and World Cup Qualifiers.

Over the past decade, The Allianz Arena has made a lasting impact on German football. As home to two of Germany’s top teams and as an iconic landmark of German culture worldwide, it stands as testament to Germany’s modern football identity. This iconic landmark serves as a testament to German football in modern times.

Fan Experiences at Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena is a must-visit for soccer enthusiasts. Home to Bayern Munich in Munich, Germany, this stadium provides an unforgettable experience like no other with breathtaking panoramas as you enter the stadium and cheering along with 75,000 passionate supporters. You won’t want to leave this incredible place!

Allianz Arena provides top entertainment to fans both on and off the field. On match days, it comes alive with cheering fans cheering and flags flying. Everyone can be heard thanks to an advanced audio system that works everywhere. Plus, before each game begins, guests can take advantage of various activities like food stalls or interactive games for added excitement!

After the game, fans can take a behind-the-scenes tour of Allianz Arena that includes access to press boxes and changing rooms. Even if you can’t watch the match, visiting Allianz Arena is sure to be an unforgettable experience! No matter how you arrive – whatever route you take – guaranteed to leave with lasting memories!

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

In 2013, The Allianz Arena installed over 3000 solar panels on its roof, making it Germany’s largest photovoltaic installation. These provide up to 10% of the arena’s energy needs and drastically reduces its carbon footprint. Furthermore, LED floodlights were installed which further reduce energy use by up to 66 percent.

At the Allianz Arena, a variety of waste reduction initiatives are underway. These include recycling plastic bottles and composting organic materials. Concession stand waste is collected and turned into fertilizer that’s then used for creating local gardens or parks. Fans may recycle plastic bottles within the stadium itself through designated containers located around it.

The Allianz Arena’s sustainability initiatives showcase their dedication to being eco-friendly while still providing fans with an unforgettable experience. By setting an example for other stadiums in Europe, they hope to inspire other stadiums to go green and become sustainable.

Financial Performance of Allianz Arena

Since opening, Allianz Arena’s financial achievements have been remarkable. To date, it has made over EUR1 billion from tickets and sponsorships alone – cementing Bayern Munich’s place as a top contender within European soccer by building an iconic brand through this remarkable financial success.

The Allianz Arena provides a major economic stimulus to the city by creating jobs and drawing visitors alike. Not only that, but the arena also hosts concerts and other special events around the world – helping keep local economies strong while offering entertainment to both tourists and residents alike.

Allianz Arena has been an incredible success for Munich and Bayern Munich, becoming one of the most anticipated arenas while providing a major economic boost to Munich.

Future Plans for Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena has a major goal to increase its stadium’s capacity. Currently, it holds 75,000 people but there are plans to increase this number. With these larger events hosted here and more people from around the globe visiting annually, Allianz Arena can become even more attractive to tourists from around the globe.

The Allianz Arena plans to increase its capacity and modernize its facility with LED lighting and upgraded accessibility points. This will give fans a better experience while enjoying more enjoyable moments inside the stadium.

The Allianz Arena is seeking ways to enhance their shows by offering fans unique experiences and entertainment. These could include interactive games or immersive virtual reality experiences that can be played during a game.

These plans point to an exciting future for Allianz Arena, which will remain Europe’s premier arena for sports and entertainment.


The Allianz Arena is an iconic landmark of contemporary architecture, best described as follows: It has hosted numerous sporting events such as soccer matches and concerts, while hosting some renowned names in entertainment like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. As Munich’s largest sporting arena, it plays a crucial role in maintaining Munich’s rich culture and history; visitors to Munich must visit the Allianz Arena to appreciate its beauty firsthand.


The Allianz Arena is one of the world’s most iconic sporting venues, making it a major factor in Bayern Munich’s success over the past decade. Inspired and iconic for its players, this stadium has hosted some of Europe’s biggest matches such as Champions League finals and international tournaments. Its contemporary design and advanced amenities make it an ideal destination for football enthusiasts who wish to experience all that Bayern Munich matchday has to offer.

Allianz Arena is more than just a place to play; it’s an iconic symbol of German technology and creativity in European football. Designed with the best design, technology and entertainment in mind, Allianz Arena provides visitors with an unforgettable gameday experience.

Bayern Munich are proud to call the Allianz Arena their home. Every time they step onto the field, they recognize and honor its history, tradition and passion for football. With its size and design, this stadium will likely go down as one of Europe’s most iconic venues. Additionally, its inspirational power motivates us to strive towards greatness if we so choose.

Frequently asked questions

How large is the Allianz Arena?

The Allianz Arena in Germany, capable of accommodating 75,000 people on an area of 21.2 acres (52 acres), is the biggest football stadium and Europe’s second biggest.

What teams play at the Allianz Arena?

In the Allianz Arena, two German Bundesliga clubs – FC Bayern Munich and TSV Munich Munchen – have their headquarters. It also hosts some matches of Germany’s national soccer team during tournaments there.

When was the Allianz Arena first opened?

On May 30th 2005, The Allianz Arena officially opened its doors for business.

Is there a museum inside the Allianz Arena?

It is worth noting that the Allianz Arena does not feature museums. Instead, visitors to this tour get exclusive access to areas usually closed off to visitors like players’ tunnels and changing rooms. Plus, a multimedia guide within the tour tells the story of Bayern Munich while providing details about current teams.

Are there any restaurants or concession stands at the Allianz Arena?

At Allianz Arena, there are plenty of restaurants and concession stands. Paulaner Restaurant can be found near the Sudkurve. Additionally, smaller stands sell snacks and drinks throughout the stadium. Fan shops provide souvenirs as well as other items.

How much does it cost to attend an event at the Allianz Arena?

Tickets to an Allianz Arena event vary based on the type or seat selected. In general, prices range from EUR20 up to EUR150; however, special occasions like concerts or sporting matches may have higher price tags.

Can I purchase tickets for events at the Allianz Arena online?

Tickets for Allianz Arena events can be purchased online through their official website (, as well as authorized ticket brokers like Eventim and Munchen Ticket.

Does the Allianz Arena have parking facilities available?

Parking is available in the Allianz Arena, offering more than 8,000 spaces in its private car park area. Tickets for parking can be bought alongside match tickets or at the stadium itself.

Is there public transportation available to get to and from the Allianz Arena?

Public transportation is available to get you into the Allianz Arena. U-Bahn line U6 stops right outside, plus numerous buses serve the area. Taxi service can also be arranged for transport towards the venue.

Is there a dress code for visitors of the Allianz Arena?

The Allianz Arena does not have an official dress code. Visitors are requested to be courteous and refrain from wearing anything that could cause trouble. Furthermore, visitors should avoid clothing and accessories with offensive language or symbols.

Are pets allowed in the Allianz Arena?

Pets are strictly forbidden in Allianz Arena. Dogs with guide dog training that provide assistance to visually impaired individuals may enter the facility.

What other services are offered at the Allianz Arena besides sports events and concerts?

In addition to sporting events and concerts, The Allianz Arena provides many other options. Guided tours, VIP experiences, corporate hospitality – these are just a few. Additionally, there are restaurants and bars within the stadium as well as an exhibit detailing FC Bayern Munich’s past. Furthermore, there are shops selling official products of TSV 1860 Munich and FC Bayern Munchen alike.

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