Rio Ferdinand Net Worth


Born on the 7th of November 1978, the celebrity is now 44 years old, with a successful life that has left a lot of wealth to his name. This article is not just about Rio Ferdinand net worth but how he got it all and the things that he did to lead him to get there. Read on to learn the lessons that he teaches from his successes and failures, along with what he does with his wealth.

Who is Rio de Ferdinand?

This is a former football player, in fact, one of the top footballers of all time, often admired for his leadership skills, aerial ability, and strong physicality. Here is someone who has spent almost an entire life on the field, winning trophies and games and, with that, seeing a lot of money that comes with it. How much money? Well, so much money, enough to bring curious fans onto this page to read all about Rio Ferdinand net worth.

How successful was he with football? Successful enough to soon become the former captain of England, a position only the successful receive. His success has, in fact, brought him numerous titles in the course of his career, also creating for him a number of successful business ventures. Success for Rio Ferdinand began right at the age of 23 and went on till recently, the star retired at the age of 36. While he may not have created a world record of the highest number of international goals, he still has contributed a lot to give himself a name in this field.


A Peek into Rio Ferdinand’s Success

To begin, the man has numerous awards and trophies to his name, and this is both on and off the pitch. Ferdinand is an English footballer who has left behind a long and successful career and, with that, a lot of stories to tell and the money that he has made.

While you don’t get a share in Rio Ferdinand net worth, you definitely will get some stories for free. Ferdinand has served in Manchester United and is also known for having given his best. Because of this, he is known as one of the greatest defenders in the game, a kind of success that has made him the international star that you know him to be today.

Ferdinand has been one of the greatest center-back players that one would find in his generation. He has, till date, played 81 times for the English team between the years 1997 and 2011. Apart from this, he has been a member of three FIFA world cup squads.


Ferdinand and the Manchester United

Well, six Premier League titles, the Champions League, and of course, a lot of good times at the club, which has brought him many successes. And it is for all this that Ferdinand today is known to be one of the most iconic footballers you have among the English. It does not stop with the English, as he is also one of the most celebrated players in the world.


The Money All This Brought Him

Rio Ferdinand’s net worth is around 80 million. He earns a salary of $7 million, so you can only imagine his net worth. His work has led him to not just amass a lot of money but also brought along with him some titles, especially those from the Premier League. Yes, the man has lived a life that has been quite interesting, and this includes more than just football games and charity.


Rio de Ferdinand - From the Beginning

Ferdinand was born in the town of Cumberland in England. His parents’ names? For those of you who love details, it is Janice Lavender and Julain Ferdinand. His parents were from Saint Lucia, and the young star grew up with his sibling, who also made it to the profession of football. That said, this was followed by a life growing up in Peckham, which was in South London. So, the young star enjoyed a life in the city.

Passion for football began right from the early age of eight when one can already picture the little boy outside his compound, beginning his little dream. The young Ferdinand spent a childhood playing for various amateur clubs, all of which shaped him with the kind of experience he needed to later make it into the world of professional football. It was here that he developed his skills as a defender, which went on to make him successful years later, playing for various youth teams and progressing through the ranks, all the way up to his Professional Premier League debut, which he made in the year 1996.

All this, in time, led to a huge fan following and, with that, the Hammer of the Year award, which almost everyone around saw coming. Ferdinand won his first International Cup in 1997 in a match against Cameron and this was seen as just the beginning. This was indeed a record, being the youngest defender in his time in England. It was all this that, in time, attracted the attention of Leeds United, and that is where all the success began.


Rio Ferdinand’s Life At School

Like every other celebrity, Ferdinand too went to school. He did sit on the benches of a classroom, though he would perhaps have been dreaming every second of getting out of there. He went to Blackheath Bluecoat School. His passion took him to a local youth club, a club that has, to date, been responsible for several youth stars you have over the world today, like John Terry, Jermaine Defoe, and Ledley King. The budding footballer was only ten years of age when training began at the Queen’s Park Rangers academy, and this was only the beginning of a lot of big things. After all, it was here that his coach began to refer to him as the soccer Pele of London.

And so, the star kept playing all through childhood and his teenage.
Ferdinand played other games too. Of these, one worth mentioning is gymnastics. And it did not end with the sport. The young Ferdinand played his part in the areas of drama and the arts too. Ferdinand took part in plays and more than this, he also danced ballet.


Coming back to Ferdinand and Football

Yes, like most stars in the field of sports that became successful, the little star left school. After all, success was clearly to come from his football games, and so what more has he got to do in school? So, don’t think of this as an unwise step, lest today we perhaps wouldn’t be reading about this article on Rio Ferdinand net worth. You see, what do you do when you are so good that people begin to recognize you? That’s how it happened to this budding celebrity, where Frank Lampard, on recognizing him, soon saw his position to play as a center-playback.


Ferdinand’s Life After School

Ferdinand signed with West Ham’s United system. Professional football was on its way, and with that, the game led to Rio Ferdinand net worth. His senior career at West Ham began in the year 1996. It was his debut with West Ham at the ripe old age of 17 in a match against Sheffield Wednesday. In fact, his performance here was so remarkable that it later led him to earn the title of team captain. Around this time, the young star played over 150 games, and this attracted the attention of a number of high-profile clubs around. These clubs later came forward to sign with Leeds United, all thanks to the young star’s hard work and efforts. All this led him to join Leeds only four years later, in the year 2000, and one can only see the success that came from it. On joining Leeds United, Ferdinand was said to have charged a record-breaking fee of 18 million pounds.


What Happened After Leeds?

This was just a short spell, which was soon to be followed by something big, very big. It was here that the young star made a deal with the Premier League team just two years after Leeds. This was a deal that brought him a whopping amount of $20 million, which was, again, a record-breaking transfer that happened in the year 2002. Ferdinand was soon to play with some of the biggest icons in the world of soccer, like David De Gea and Bastian Schweinsteiger. That said, Ferdinand soon became a part of the semi-finals, the semi-finals of the FA Cup, and the UEFA Cup. Besides this, he also finished fourth in the Premier League. This was indeed a big success, being the highest-ever finish since the year 1993. And with all that success on his list, Ferdinand left Leeds. One can only anticipate the kind of success that is to follow from this. Ferdinand joined Manchester United! This was a moment that was soon to result in a lot of unprecedented success.

Ferdinand - The Man, the Wealth

Ferdinand is one of the richest players that the soccer world has had to date. He has, over the years, drawn hundreds of thousands per month, which is all the money that he earned from his many football games. Most of his wealth has been amassed from his many football games and, along with that, his Nike deals. You now know about Rio Ferdinand net worth, but what about all his assets? While he sure has made a lot of money, what has he done with all of it? 


Rio Ferdinand net worth has made him the owner of numerous assets, which are all a result of his significant net worth. Among celebrities, he is one of the few who can afford to live lavishly. He is the owner of several luxurious properties, the face of which most of us would at least want to see. His five-bedroom mansion in Cheshire is worth a million pounds and that is the kind of life enjoyed by celebrities. Next is a lavish apartment that he purchased sometime back in 2010. It is a house that sits in London’s Notting Hill, a place that is known for always being trendy. And this one is worth 50 million pounds. And it does not stop with houses. The celebrity is also seen driving some of the most expensive cars, like the High-End Aston Martin, one of the several in his collection.


How Did He Handle It?

The star didn’t spend his entire lifetime playing football and, with that, buying houses and cars. He also did well in the field of business, buying various properties, managing companies, and doing a lot more than one would believe. After all, running eateries and restaurants in some of the most happening places like Manchester and London is not easy. Notable among them is Rosso, one of Manchester’s top-notch restaurants. The place provides standard food and a romantic ambiance, good enough for someone in Manchester to dine in. And then, there are the many brand endorsements, too, that celebrities can never be exempt from. 

So, when it comes to Rio de Ferdinand, the same holds true. Let’s not forget; that the star has also done some singing, where he has worked alongside Melody Johnston and Nia Jai, so you see, there is the creative work too from his side, which truly makes this a life well lived. Speaking of music, the star has also managed to work with some of the richest rappers of all time. Did you know that he has also made an appearance in a movie? Well, now you know, and the name of this movie is Dead Man Running. In short, you can say that there is a player that has not just spent a lifetime playing football but also investing in property, running businesses, endorsing brands, and even playing a fun role in the music, television, and film industry. 

His football career has earned him a significant amount of money. Let us take a quick look at Rio Ferdinand’s annual salary from 2000 to 2022 to get a better understanding of the value of the player from a financial perspective.

2000 $23.9 million
2002 $39.9 million
2007 $1.7 million
2008 $11.4 million
2012 $12.5 million
2013 $17 million
2014 $18.7 million
2022 $4 million


What About the Net Worth?

2018 $49 million
2019 $54 million
2020 $60 million
2021 $66 million
2022 $73 million
2023 $80 million


And that is how the man has, till today, reached a whopping 80 million, which makes you just a little bit envious, doesn’t it? Like most generous celebrities, here is one more that has done more than his fair share of charity. And so, for this, it would be good to give him the due credit. Charity brings along many great blessings, and this could just be one more reason why the star today is so rich. 


Here’s Getting A Little Personal

All that success and money and the name he has made with it have led fans to become curious about what’s going on in the star’s personal life, with many searching for Rio Ferdinand Twitter today. Fans want to know about Rio Ferdinand wife, his life, and so on. However, there’s nothing much, but for those who want to know, it would be good to start with the physique. The man is tall, with a height of 188 cm, which makes him six feet and two inches. He weighs 185 lbs, which is 84 kgs, which makes him attractive and healthy. The man was married back in 2009 and blessed with three kids. Sadly, he lost his wife (Rebecca Ellson) because of breast cancer in 2015. 


Three years later, Ferdinand tied the knot with Kate Wright from the TV series “The Only Way Is Essex”. This is what one would find on browsing through Rio Ferdinand Twitter. In fact, the TV star was said to have quit her job on becoming Ferdinand’s wife. This was mainly to step back from the public and start living a more private life, making her husband and his kids her priority. 

And till today, you have a happy story about Rio Ferdinand wife where the two live a happily married life. 

The Rio You Will Find Online

To know more, follow him on social media. Keep in touch with him and learn about all the recent events in his life. The star has 3.3 million followers on Instagram today, where one can see updates of his life, though most of them are to do with sports. However, here one can also see some of the luxurious holidays his net worth allows him to enjoy and the time he spends with his family. Listed below are some places you can find him, as well as an estimate of how many fans he has. 


Instagram 5.6 million
Twitter 11.6 million
Facebook 9.3 million
YouTube 899 k


The star, however, keeps his children out of the limelight and so there is not much from here that one would find online. But you can get a lot of pictures of the star with his wife. The celebrity is even known to have a website of his own, with a wealth of information. Here you can find some of the latest vlogs on his life, along with items from his Five brands that you can buy online. You can also do some reading on the Rio Foundation, a platform that is meant to inspire the young with the right guidance and advice. 


A Little On the Flaws Too

Ferdinand’s life was surely one well-lived. However, like every other star and every other human being, there have been imperfections. The man has flaws and weaknesses, and he has had to deal with them, like the drug test that he failed back in 2023. The celebrity, now caught, obviously had to pay for it. He was barred from the games for eight months. For someone with a passion for football, this would have been a lot, wouldn’t it? Researching him online, one would also find a time when he was banned from driving. Now that was back then in 1997, and one would almost assume that the celebrity didn’t learn his lesson when the same thing happened in the year 2003. Like a lot of celebrities out there, here is another one who was found to be driving with alcohol that was over the legit limit.

The Way Rio Ferdinand Spends His Money

Although there is little information available about Rio Ferdinand’s spending habits, it is obvious that he has a wide range of interests and investments. Ferdinand is known to own some of the most expensive cars in the world, including an Aston Martin. Also, a number of houses have been owned by him in various locations around the country due to his investments in property. Besides his career in football and media, Ferdinand is also passionate about technology, launching the Train Effective coaching app in 2019. Apart from that, Ferdinand is involved in various philanthropic activities, including supporting charitable organizations and promoting sports among underprivileged youth. As a matter of fact, he seems to have made smart investments and has been able to live a comfortable life for himself and his family due to the investments he made.

What is the Star Doing Today?

Today the footballer is retired, and yet don’t think that he is an idle man in one of his many mansions with nothing to do. The star retired back in the year 2015 after a brief spell with the Queen’s Park Rangers. While this surely would have left some disappointed, suffice to know that this is life, and as the famous song goes, what is meant to be will be. Yes, the star has left an illustrious career behind him, but he also preoccupies himself today with a lot to do. This was a career that went international and brought him the credit for being the second-most-capped player in the history of England. It is no small thing to have achievements that lead you to the FIFA world cup tournament finals. 

Some sources and rumors say that the star is now pursuing the dream of entering the world of boxing, a game that seemed to have greatly helped in getting over the loss of his first wife.


Most of Ferdinand’s career spans his service with Manchester United and England, of which he has made about 500 appearances. From this, 81 appearances are with the National team. And so, with all this, it is not hard to believe that the star is worth a net income of 80 million. After all, here is a man who has done well for himself, having followed his passion right from his days of childhood, a passion that brought him money and turned him into the man that you know him to be and perhaps also want to be.

This is a life of awards, accolades, and trophies but also a lot of hard work and endless hours of practice. And not to forget, there are many business ventures too, for which the footballer has contributed a lot by his hard work and his driven spirit. In the end, you can say that here is not just a rich and successful footballer but also one successful man that will go down in history. And that is the reason you read all about Rio Ferdinand net worth.

Frequently asked questions

How old is Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand was born on the 7th of November 1978, which makes him 44 years today.

How much is Rio Ferdinand worth?

The answer to the question is $80 million. That is how much the celebrity is worth.

Where is Rio Ferdinand from?

He is from England, having been born in Cumberland and grown up in Peckham.

Who did Rio Ferdinand play for?

He played for Manchester United, giving the team 12 long years of dedication and hard work.

When did Rio Ferdinand retire?

It’s been almost a decade since the star gave up his life of football and retired. To be precise, the footballer retired in the year 2015 and hasn’t been playing football ever since.

Where does Rio Ferdinand live?

Ferdinand lives in his family home in Kent, where he spends some quiet time with his wife, kids, and pets.

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