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In recent years, one budding talent that the world of football has seen is Jack Grealish, and this article is about Jack Grealish net worth. This is an English footballer known for his contribution to Manchester City in the English Premier League, a contribution that has made him one of the most expensive players England has had. His full name is Jack Peter Grealish, but he is often known by the name Jack Grealish, and as a footballer, Grealish is mainly known for his performances as a winger and attacking midfielder.

The Player, Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish was a gifted winger who was known for the way he often operated on the left flank. Apart from this, he also had a talent for ghosting and dribbling past players with great speed, an extraordinary talent that has given him a great place in the Premier League. All this has made him one of the most promising midfielders of these days and the reason for reaching the massive wealth of Jack Grealish.

2012 NextGen Series
2016 Toulan tournament (England under 21)
2021 UEFA EURO 2020 Runner Up

The Beginnings Of Jack Grealish

Born on the 10th of September 1995 to Karen and Kevin Grealish, Jack Grealish is 27 years old today. Jack Grealish holds a British-English nationality, hailing from Birmingham with four siblings, namely Keelan, Kelan, Kiara, and Holly. This is where the star today enjoys his free time, catching up with his home and family. The business was his father’s profession, and little Jack was raised in a well-settled Roman Catholic family. His mother, being a housewife, spent ample time with the four children. However, it was at the young age of five that the star lost his youngest brother Keelan who was said to have passed away from infant death syndrome.

Football From the School Days

Being a Christian, the young Grealish went to a Catholic primary school named “Our Lady of Compassion”. Jack later went to St Peter’s Roman Catholic secondary school in Solihull. This was followed by graduation from a local private University in England.

Educational Qualification Graduate
Institutions St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School in Solihull, England, United Kingdom. Our Lady of compassion roman catholic primary school in Formby, England Local Private University in England, United Kingdom
Profession Footballer
Current Club Manchester United
Position Winger
Shirt No 10
Net Worth 20 million
Weekly Salary 300,000 pounds

Jack Grealish began playing for the Birmingham club at the ripe age of six, remaining an integral part of his club till his initiation into Manchester United, resulting in a high Jack Grealish net worth. Football for Grealish was a passion that began right from the early years of childhood when the star was said to have been playing Gaelic football with footballers like John Mitchell Hurling, Camogie Club, and Aioffe Manion.

The Striking Physique

Just like any other footballer, here is another one with a striking physique and a dashing personality, thanks to his impressive body measurements. The height of Grealish is 5 feet 9 inches, and dark brown hair and eyes make him look tall, dark, and handsome. Added to this is the style with which he portrays himself, distinctive hair, low-hanging socks, and all. Speaking of the socks, this is an attribute that has contributed to a lot of talk on the Jack Grealish calves.

Jack Grealish Hair and Calves

The celebrity is known to have huge calves, and some say this is the reason behind the hanging socks, a style he follows to flaunt the much-spoken calves. In the stadium, he is one of the most exciting players to watch. He is mainly admired for his excellent ball-handling skills and for the fact that he is one of the best English playmakers of his generation.

Jack Grealish and the Aston Club

It is not without reason that Jack has become so well known today. Here is a celebrity behind some of the many fantastic performances at Aston Villa. Jack Grealish went to the Aston Villa youth academy, having grown up as a fan of Aston Villa right from the age of six. The star was known to have had a great reverence for the Aston Villa FC, Paul Charles Merson. His dedication led to a huge affiliation with the club, where he was given a chance to be a part of the club’s under-19 squad. This was on the 7th of May in 2014, which one would consider just the beginning. His debut game here may not have been the best. It ended in a 4-0-way defeat to Manchester City, but his performance at this time was indeed notable. It was here that he made his senior debut in the year 2012 with his family members as strong supporters of the Aston Villa team.

This is what led to the four-year contract with the team. He may have fouled several times in the 2019/20 season, but in the end, the star still came out as top scorer of the club, having contributed an overall of eight goals in the Premier League.

2012 Irish International Player of the Year
2015 Irish International Player of the Year
2015 Aston Villa young player of the Season
2018/29 PFA team of the Year (Championship award)
2019/20 Aston Villa Player of the Season.

Therefore, one can confidently say that Grealish used his four-year deal productively, resulting in the Jack Grealish net worth we see today. His presence had led the squad to win the 2012/13 NextGen series. He was then put into the League One club Notts County, on the 13th of September 2013, as a youth loan. His time here contributed to five goals, seven assets, and 38 appearances. He was also known to have won his first trophy at the age of seven, along with a medal that he donated to his school to honor his late brother Keelan.

In other words, you can say that Grealish’s beginnings at Aston Villa played an important role in turning him into the fine player that he is today. With eight League goals to his name, it is clear that it is Grealish who was responsible for helping Aston Villa survive the Premier League.

2012 NextGen Series
2016 Toulan tournament (England under 21)
2021 UEFA EURO 2020 Runner-Up

It was for all these things that Grealish was named the best player of the season. As a result of these performances, Jack Grealish net worth continues to increase. This was till he moved to Etihad Stadium when a better opportunity came along. In short, we can say that his time here lasted for an overall seven years, years that shaped him into a successful star. At the Etihad, Grealish is known to have scored an overall of 1.3 shots, 1.7 key passes, and 1.5 dribbles. It was at this time that the star completed about 87.6 passes.

Jack Grealish and Manchester United

When Jack Grealish moved from Aston Villa to Manchester City, he began to charge a fee of 117.7 Euros. And this is how he became the most expensive player in European history, recognized for the No 10 on the shirt that he wears. This makes him the successor of Sergio Aguero, and fans are hoping that he is here to stay. It all began when the Englishman Pep Guardiola came across the young star’s performance and knew that he was worth it. As time went on, the boy was selected to replace a player who was no longer fit and therefore sold out.

His high fee with Manchester soon gave way to a lucrative contract. The team had bought him for $100 million. It was a six-year contract signed by Pep Guardiola, where Jack Grealish stepped into the blue side of Manchester and is known to have made a pretty decent start at this time, having created 11 goal-scoring opportunities in the 2022-23 season.

Season Played In Matches Played For Goals Scored Assist
2021-22 26 3 3
2022-23 8 1 0

In this short time, the star has already given the team three goals and 26 appearances, leaving fans hoping to see more. Of these, five are Premier League appearances. A journey that began on the 5th of August in 2021 has already led to successes, and one can only imagine how much more this is going to bring till the contract comes to an end in 2027. Jack Grealish was soon earning a salary of 360,000 euros a week, all of which contributed to Jack Grealish net worth. This comes up to a sum of $1.4 million per week and an annual package of about $20 million. Perhaps the only other player that made more money than this was Kevin de Bryne, with a fee of 420,000 Euros.

Jack Grealish and the World Out There

Jack Grealish is a player with an international career. While he represents England at the international level, he has also played for Ireland. Before switching to English National Football time, the star also played for Ireland Youth teams. So, here is a player that has not just played for England but has also represented the Republic of Ireland, a country for which he was playing right from the time he was fourteen.

Playing for them at the international level, Grealish has also contributed to the Irish team by way of caps that he won for them right from his teens. It was these achievements for which he was offered a nomination to the U21 team in August 2014. Though indecisive about it, Grealish did go ahead, giving the team a good victory against Germany. He withdrew from the team only later in October 2014, and he chose to play for Aston Villa, the team he grew up with. This was a game against Norway, and it was here that the English U21 manager began to keep a close eye on this player on the team. Below are some more details:

2012 Irish International Player of the Year
2015 Irish International Player of the Year
2015 Aston Villa young Player of the Season
2018/29 PFA team of the Year (Championship award)
2019/20 Aston Villa Player of the Season.

And that is how Grealish joined the English team in the year 2015. It was on the 28th of September when the mutual decision was made. A year later, on May 19, 2016, the player made his first Under 21 debut with the English, and this was indeed promising. It was a match against Portugal, which only marked the beginning. Playing for England gave him his first senior cap in the year 2020. The matches he played included the 2020 UEFA Euro and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There is no way all this could not contribute to Jack Grealish net worth that you are reading about today.

The Net Worth of Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish net worth is 20 million Euros. This is as per the latest findings in 2023. And with the kind of success that the star is now seeing, there are estimations that this figure is only going to increase. The star was, till recently, known to be worth an amount of 17.5 million pounds, and this was till the February of 2022. While compared to most superstars out there, this was indeed a small amount, to begin with. If one were to compare the money to that of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, this would indeed have been a humble beginning. It was the sign-up with Manchester United that greatly increased his salary. Today he earns a salary of 15,600,000 pounds, which is the money that he gets for each season.

The salary that he gets per week is 300,000 pounds. All this has made him one of the most high-profile players in English history, with fans digging into his social media page to know more about the man behind the Jack Grealish net worth. In other words, you can say that an average man would have to put in at least about 30 long years of work to get the kind of money that Grealish would get in a month.

Per Minute 20 million pounds.
Per Hour 1,191 million pounds
Per Day 28,588 million pounds
Per Week 200,669 million pounds
Per Month 869,565 million pounds
Per Year 10,434,783 million pounds

The Jack Grealish Face Behind Many Brands

Brand endorsements were another important part that led to the great Jack Grealish net worth. Grealish was a man sought after, not just on the football field, but the businesses too, with various brands contributing to his net worth. The player has, through the years, been the face behind well-known brands that include Nike, Electronic Arts, and even the FIFA video game series.

The contract with Nike was a two-year deal, and he is mainly known for the Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats that fans have found him wearing. All he has to do is to wear the latest boots in his games and perhaps a few other places, too, and he is going to get paid for it. He was often seen wearing a pair of Nike Hypervenom boots, so often to the point that they later ripped and tore. But at least those who play the FIFA games could, in the end, help in the promotion.

Some other big brands that are making offers to him are Puma, Adidas, and Under Armor. He has, in fact, recently teamed with German sportswear giant named Puma in one of the most lucrative deals. The star is now to make a reputed 10 million pounds a year. This is an amount that is triple times more than what the previous faces (Gareth Bale and Harry Kane) have been making from the various Puma deals. It is for this reason that his swapping to Puma from Nike is seen as an indeed wise deal.

His deal with Gucci has also contributed some amount to Jack Grealish net worth, where he is said to have made an amount of $1.7 million. This makes for an addition of 8.5 percent to the $20 million that the star is already known to earn. This was indeed a bumper deal from one of the world’s biggest fashion giants, where the star has occasionally been seen wearing some of the brand’s fashionable outfits. This is known to be a unique step that the brand has recently taken, having used mostly actors and musicians to endorse its products in the past. Harry Styles was one common name often associated with the brand Gucci. After the Qatar 2022 football world cup, Grealish’s career took a huge boost, which only boosted his net worth.

Therefore, you can say that football, brand endorsements, sponsorship deals, and bonuses are the things that come together to contribute to Grealish’s wealth. Yet, despite this, know that Grealish’s endorsement deals are not many.

Going A Little On the Personal Side

Seeing the big Jack Grealish net worth, a reader would be curious to know more, not just concerning his wealth and professional life but also his side, with about a million fans on Instagram. Besides that, the star also has a huge fan following on other social media channels that include Twitter and, of course, Facebook. The star has a quarter of a million followers on Twitter. On Facebook, there are about 90,000 users that make up his fan followers.

Holiday snaps, professional photographs, and a lot of candid moments are what you will find here in order to know more about the man and the kind of life that he lives. That said, Jack Grealish is now in a relationship with Sasha Attwood, a YouTuber, makeup artist, and model with more than 165k followers on Instagram, all thanks to her sign-ups with some of the top modeling agencies.

However, despite it all, the star maintains a rather low social media profile and yet, supports the star in all his wins and losses. The couple has some good pictures of themselves together on social media, which only shows the relationship going strong over the years. She is known for her appearance in the EURO 2020 match at Wembley Stadium in London.

Along with Grealish, she too has bagged several lucrative sponsorship deals. Of this, one worth mentioning is the deal with Elite Model Management, a deal that has now given the model celebrity a huge fan following. This is a ten-year relationship that is said to have begun in school at Solihull, where both Sasha and Jack attended St Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School as teenagers.

Together, the couple have amassed a lot of wealth, enough to make a fortune.

Assets From the Jack Grealish Net Worth

It is said that if one were to count the overall cost of Jack Grealish’s property to date, it would make up for an amount of a whopping $2.2 million. Like most celebrities, here is another one that lives a lavish life, driving a black Range Rover, a car worth an amount of $100,000. Besides this, he has a six-bedroom residence in Worcester and is about to own another one in Manchester. The couple recently purchased a mansion worth six million pounds, built with seven bedrooms on a 20-acre Cheshire countryside.

Any Room For Charity?

Yes, just as it is in the case of almost every celebrity. This is no selfish man who spends all his money on mansions and other things that he needs. Here is a man with plenty of charitable endeavors for which one should give him the credit. Of these, one of the most notable is the Aston Villa Foundation campaign, which began right from the time he was a part of the team. Over the years, the star has raised a lot of money that he has used for the cause of charity. One of these worth mentioning is the time when he bought a powerchair for a disabled fan of his, thus helping to make his life easy and perhaps live a little more independently.

Apart from this, the star has also been a part of several awareness programs, programs that have helped make more money. This way, one can say that he has done more than his fair share in helping those in need. Cure Leukemia is one cause that he has happily assisted in, a cause dedicated to raising awareness of blood cancer. Here the star has even visited the homes of patients, giving out shirts (his Ashton shirt) and his time by playing with them, something as worthy as money.

Any Room For Flaws?

Like most celebrities, here is another one who has made his fair share of mistakes, like that time he smashed his Range Rover into two parked vehicles as a result of his drunken driving in 2020. This brought about two charges, where the star was found to be driving under the influence of toxic liquor.

Then there was the time when he broke the COVID-19 protocol by visiting his team-made Ross McCormack. While the former led to a fine of 82,499 pounds, the latter was indeed a moment that brought about a lot of opposition, even from fans and football pundits over the world. More seriously, there was also that time when the celebrity footballer was caught inhaling nitrous oxide purely for recreation. This was another action highly criticized by fans around the world, a lot of whom attributed this to his loss to Everton FC.


In other words, you can say that there is a passionate footballer who has not just done well for himself but also turned his passion into a million-dollar career, thus contributing to the Jack Grealish net worth that you see here.
And with that, here are some brief answers that you can skim through the celebrity’s life.

Frequently asked questions

How old is Jack Grealish?

As of June 2022, the star was found to be all of 2022. He was born on the 10th of September 1995, which means he is going to turn 27 after only a couple of months this year.

Where is Jack Grealish from?

Birmingham in England. This is where the star was born and raised, and, till today, he likes to spend his free time catching up with his home and family.

Where was Jack Grealish born?

Jack Grealish was born in Birmingham, and this is the place that he is from.

How much is Jack Grealish worth?

Today, the star is known to have an overall net worth of 20 million, and that is how much the celebrity footballer is worth.

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