Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona, one of football's all-time greats, is renowned for his charisma and incredible skills. Discover more about Cantona's legacy, achievements, and accolades.


Eric Cantona is one of football’s greatest ever. A major part of Manchester United’s successes over two decades, Cantona earned himself numerous awards. His intensity on the field, fierce temper and uncompromising opinions off it are what make him unforgettable; an inspiring tale about his career, life and humble beginnings. Eric Cantona: an unforgettable figure.

The Early Years

Eric Cantona was a French footballer born in Marseille on the 24th of May 1966. After playing for Auxerre and Nimes Olympique for two seasons, Cantona joined Montpellier HSC (which later became Montpellier) as one of France’s top athletes. Following two years at Montpellier he moved on to Marseille which then played in Ligue 1. With that success under his belt Cantona earned himself the title “World’s Greatest Defender”.

Cantona played just 12 times with Marseille during his five years at Old Trafford, before joining Leeds United in 1992. Following this move to Elland Road, Leeds experienced a major revival and won their first title within 10 years. Cantona then transferred to Manchester United the following season and quickly made himself an iconic part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s legendary team that won four Premier League titles as well as two FA Cups during Cantona’s time at Old Trafford.

His charisma and talent have cemented his place as one of English soccer’s most beloved figures. The legacy his name leaves will endure long into the future, with fans still singing his praises today in English football.

Professional Football Career Opportunities

Eric Cantona began his career with Auxerre, Marseille before making the move to England to join Leeds United where he earned himself both Footballer of the Year and league’s first division award during his time there. Manchester United eventually signed him in November 1992 after being impressed by Cantona’s performances.

Eric Cantona was an integral player for Manchester United, winning four Premier League titles and two FA Cups as well as two League Cups during his five seasons at the club. In 1994/95 he was named Player of the Year by fans and professionals alike for his charismatic presence on and off the field. With such charisma, Cantona quickly became a beloved figure around United.

Eric Cantona may have retired as a professional soccer player in 1997, yet his legacy lives on through various initiatives like the Eric Cantona Foundation that provide assistance to communities around the world.

The post-football field offers career prospects.

After leaving football behind him, Cantona pursued acting and music professionally.

Cantona first gained notoriety as an actor after appearing in Ken Loach’s Oscar-winning film Looking For Eric. Since then, Cantona has featured on numerous television shows, films and video games alike; his composition and direction of the movie Looking For Eric: The Legacy earned him widespread recognition.

Cantona’s acting career isn’t the only accomplishment he’s achieved. The artist also released three albums featuring spoken-word poems set to music; these books include My Story (2008) and Rebellion (2018).

Cantona is an passionate supporter of social justice. He often uses his platform to address pressing issues like racism in sports and poverty. Appointed Director of Soccer for the New York Cosmos in 2011, Cantona played an influential role in developing their youth team.

Cantona remains an integral player in the game and was selected for both UEFA Euro 2016 (and 2020) representation. Cantona’s professional career after leaving football shows that he remains a major force to this day – his success at both tournaments demonstrating this fact.

Personal Life Description of Options

Eric Cantona is renowned for his long and distinguished career. Additionally, Cantona has an enthralling personal life.

Cantona was born in Marseille and moved to Paris at sixteen to pursue his ambition of becoming an elite soccer player. He quickly made a name for himself, playing for some of France’s premier teams such as Montpellier and Auxerre. When he eventually relocated to England, he joined Leeds United before being signed by Manchester United.

Cantona has a variety of interests outside his field of acting. He released “Looking for Eric”, a documentary on him which won numerous awards. Cantona’s acting career has always been his passion – he’s featured in films like “Elizabeth” or “Les Ailes de l’Amour.” Despite having a restraining order against him from working in show business anymore, Cantona continues to support various charitable organizations across Europe.

Cantona has become increasingly engaged in social issues such as climate change and human rights. Additionally, Cantona is an avid collector of artwork from artists like Banksy and Damien Hirst, displaying works from both.

Eric Cantona is an exceptional individual, possessing many talents and making a lasting impact on his community both professionally and off.

Legacy Legacy Legacy comes to you via Legacy!

Eric Cantona’s passion, talent and athleticism will always be remembered. In 1990 he played an integral role in their remarkable success which saw them win four Premier League titles and two FA Cups.

His outspoken public speaking and rebellious attitude earned him a place of honor off-field. Legends in football include his quote: “Seagulls follow the Trawler because they believe sardines will be dumped into the sea”.

Many players still refer to his name as an example. He will always be remembered as Manchester United’s top player and an athlete legend.


Eric Cantona has long been associated with controversy. His fiery personality led to some of sport’s most memorable exasperations. Cantona was a former striker for Manchester United and France. In 1995, when he was banished from the stadium during an English Premier League match against Crystal Palace fans, he unleashed an iconic kung-fu strike towards them. For this offense, he received a nine-month exile from football and also two weeks of jail time. Not only did he cause controversy, but his undisputed talent also sparked fights between other players and endless conversations between journalists and referees. Despite all of this, Manchester United fans still revere him as an iconic figure.

Activism and Philanthropy

Cantona has volunteered his time and talent with numerous charitable organisations that aid children who are in need. He has contributed funds for various causes and often speaks out on social issues such as homelessness and poverty. Finally, in 2014 he founded his foundation, The Eric Cantona Foundation, to assist vulnerable children around the world.

Cantona is an advocate and uses his platform to advocate for those without representation. In 2010, he joined Greenpeace in order to combat climate change effects and promote renewable energy sources. Furthermore, Cantona has spoken out in defense of people’s rights, particularly regarding immigrants and refugees.

Eric Cantona is an inspiring role model to all. It is truly remarkable to witness his dedication and compassion towards helping those less fortunate.

Public appearances and endorsements

Eric Cantona has had an illustrious career both on and off the field. However, it is his time playing for Manchester United during the 1990s that stands out most; he earned them four Premier League titles as well as two FA Cups. Nowadays he serves as an ambassador for FIFA and endorses various products.

Cantona has been an ambassador for Nike, Adidas and Reebok since 2015, with some brands featuring him in TV commercials. At UEFA Euro 2016, Cantona served as ambassador for the brand with numerous appearances on the public stage. Furthermore, he served as ambassador of UEFA Euro 2020 as well.

Cantona has used his celebrity to support numerous causes throughout his career. In 2013, he was appointed UNESCO Goodwill ambassador, advocating education through sports. Furthermore, he serves as patron of charitable organisations like Unicef France which assists underprivileged children from developing nations in gaining access to education.

Cantona has made numerous appearances at events over the years, such as The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony in 2017-2018. Additionally, Cantona frequently attends charity functions across Europe to support causes related to sport and education.

Eric Cantona remains a football icon today, thanks to his many endorsements and appearances around the globe. In years ahead, his legacy will continue to be felt throughout the sport of football.

Awards and Accolades

Eric Cantona won the 1994-95 Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year award and was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. In addition to his four Premier League titles, he also received three FA Cups with Manchester United along with two Charity Shields. Furthermore, he earned a UEFA Champions League title as well as an Intercontinental Cup victory. Additionally, Cantona was named French Player of The Year in 1991 and 1993.

Cantona was honored with the UEFA President’s Award in 2008, honoring his outstanding contributions to European football. This prestigious award recognizes individuals who have made an exceptional impact on European football each year.

Eric Cantona was an outstanding player who earned himself numerous accolades throughout his career.


Eric Cantona is one of the greatest footballers in history. His groundbreaking ideas revolutionized how teams were managed and played the game, leading him to become a cult figure for millions around the world with his charismatic leadership, enthusiasm and skill on the pitch. While criticised, Cantona never shied away from sharing his opinions – often times contradicting himself on-field! Despite all this criticism, Cantona always kept his cool under pressure.

Cantona’s time at Manchester United was brief, yet his legacy will endure in years to come. During his tenure at Old Trafford, he led United to four consecutive Premier League titles and two FA Cup wins – his presence on the pitch aiding teammates and opponents alike in crucial victories. With such a legacy behind him, it will be hard for Cantona not to leave an imprint on the club’s future success.

Eric Cantona has become a beacon of courage and inspiration off the field due to his outspokenness and charisma. Through this platform he has spoken out against racism, homophobia and discrimination based on gender; serving as an inspiration to thousands who face hardships in either their professional lives or everyday lives.

His legacy will be forever immortalized in footballing history books as well as popular cultural works. His drive for leadership at Manchester United changed the game forever and continues to inspire players around the globe with his style of play and attitude towards life. We salute Eric Cantona – may you rest in peace!

Football legend Eric Cantona should never be forgotten or disregarded. His attacking football style revolutionized how English teams were played and inspired players with his words both on and off the field. Eric Cantona’s legacy will live on as we commemorate him as one of England’s greatest ever footballers.

Frequently asked questions

Eric Cantona: Who Are You?

Eric Cantona was a French ex-professional soccer player who played for clubs like Manchester United and Leeds United. Cantona earned notoriety for his speed on the field as well as his unpredictable nature; he was considered one of the greatest players in Premier League history, earning him recognition as 1994’s Footballer of the Year. Cantona is also remembered for his iconic quote: “When seagulls follow a trawler, it’s because they believe sardines will be dumped into the sea”.

What teams was Eric Cantona a part of throughout his career?

Eric Cantona was a professional player who played for four clubs. After beginning his career with Auxerre in France, he moved to Leeds United in England where he signed a two-year contract to Manchester United after two years playing for Leeds. Unfortunately, after just one season at Montpellier in France his career came to an end.

What awards has Eric Cantona been presented?

Eric Cantona earned numerous honors throughout his career. Manchester United won four consecutive Premier League titles from 1992-1995, he was named Footballer of the year in 1994 and inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame (2002-2002) while FourFourTwo named him among the greatest football players ever in 2011. Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon him the title of OBE (Officer of the British Empire) to recognize both his charitable work and professional footballing prowess.

Why was Eric Cantona an icon for Manchester United?

Eric Cantona was a Manchester United legend due to his skills on the pitch as well as his charisma, imagination and creativity. His contributions were instrumental in Manchester United’s four Premier League title wins in five seasons while scoring 64 goals in just 143 matches. But perhaps most enduringly in Manchester United’s hearts is his famous Kung Fu kick that Matthew Simmons, a Crystal Palace supporter, endured in 1995 – still remembered today through Cantona’s post-match remarks.

Eric Cantona's legendary "kung-fu" event?

On January 25, 1995, Eric Cantona was part of the iconic “kung-fu kick” incident during a Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Responding to spectators’ yells for help, Cantona leapt into the crowd with an unorthodox Kung-Fu style kick with both feet. For his actions – as well as receiving an eight month suspension from football and 120 hours of community service – Cantona received both discipline for his anger towards those threatening him.

What other sports has Eric Cantona been involved in since retiring from football?

Eric Cantona, who retired from football in 1997, has starred in a variety of projects. He appeared in feature films such as Elizabeth and Les Infideles; he also hosted French comedy show “Le Grand Journal” and British TV show ‘Dream Team’. Additionally, two short films produced by Cantona – Looking for Eric (2009) and The Redemption of General Butt Naked (2011) – were both successful commercial ventures.

Cantona has long been associated with Unicef and other charitable organizations to bring awareness about inequality and poverty. As patron of Manchester United Foundation, Queen Elizabeth II granted them an OBE in 2021 in recognition of his services to the club. Cantona serves as ambassador for UNICEF and supports various other causes around the world.

Cantona has served as brand ambassador for EA Sports, Hublot watches and Nike in recent times. Additionally, Cantona serves as advisor to Leeds United Football Club’s board of directors.

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